The barrels of the beast is an musical instrument and amplification system.
The sound is loud and unique - a cross between a plate reverb, a Steelpan, and your metal shop.

The two vertically hanging barrels have vibration transducers in them that shake the barrels at audio rates, effectively turning the barrels into giant metal speaker cones. The barrel that is hung horizontally has a contact microphone in it and when it is struck, the sound is sent through some audio effects and then into the other two barrels. In addition to using the third barrel as a percussion instrument, electric guitars and other instruments can be played through the sound system.

The Barrels of the Beast were also featured in collaboration with projection mapping artist Gabriel Dunne at the 2013 Codame Festival. You can see images of the Barrels and projection in play here.

If you’d like to know more about how the transducers work and the types of sound techniques I am using click here.