Teaching is my opportunity to constantly learn. Assisting other artists and engineers in their work continues to sharpen my abilities in design, electronics and fabrication. I teach regularly at the Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University and currently have a lecturers appointment at the Stanford School of Mechanical Engineering. I am always interested in new teaching and mentoring opportunities.

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Public Workshops

Inventor’s Workshop: Sound & Sculpture//June 30 - July 13 2014

This workshop is available to the public, and taught at CSU Monterey Campus. Guest lecturers also include Trimpin and Michael Shiloh. Make sculptures and environments come alive by exploring ways to integrate kinetics and sound into your designs. Take chances, work collaboratively, and gain new tools and skills to add to your studio practice. Learn directly from masters in the field who offer a wide variety of approaches to sound art and its close companion, kinetic art.

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Aspects of Sound in Art//July 15 - July 20 2014

This workshop is available to the public, and taught at CCRMA. It is co-taught with Bay Area artist Elaine Buckholtz. Whether you are an artist who wants to incorporate sound into their art or a musician looking to compose an installation, come spend a week playing and learning with us.

Elaine Buckholtz and Sasha Leitman enjoy blurring the relationship between sound and image and share a passion for creating supportive learning environments where curiousity provokes innovative idea to take shape. This is a project based class where hands on skills will be taught along side technical, theoretical and artistic learning. People of all computer skill levels welcome in this learning environment.

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Classes taught at Stanford University

Current Classes

Music 250A
An exploration of how we physically interact with electronic sounds in real time. A series of exercises that introduce sensors, circuits, microcontrollers, communication and sound synthesis. We discuss critically what the merging of these technologies means for music and art. Along with new technologies, what new music practices or art forms may emerge?
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Interactive Art & Performance Design
This class is for those who want the experience of designing and creating interactive art and performance pieces for public audiences, using design thinking as the method, and supported by guest speakers, artist studio visits and needfinding trips to music festivals, museums and performances.
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Previous Classes

Music 250B
Continuation of 250A, concentrating on interactive computer-music performance systems. In 2011, we focused our work around the work of visiting artist Trimpin as part of his year long residency with Stanford Lively Arts.
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Music 201
Weekly review of work being done in the field, research taking palce at CCRMA, and tools to make the most of the CCRMA technical facilities.
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