A Brand New Work at The Tech Museum

I’ve been working to install a new Sound Art Installation at The Tech Museum in San Jose, which I’m calling the Sonic Wishing Well. The installation is part of Reboot: music, a 6 month exhibition involving sound art and musical interfaces. It runs until August 17.

Summer Workshops 2014

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joining Trimpin and Michael Shiloh to teach a workshop for CSU at their Monterey Campus this summer. The workshop will be for inventors and makers who want to expand their repertoire of skills and techniques and will provide a dynamic hands-on space to throw around ideas.
A full list of classes and workshops can be found here.

Whale Recording in Monterey

If you’ve seen the recent whale reports out of Monterey then you’ll know that there are humpbacks everywhere! I took a class of CCRMA students to test out their newly built hydrophones and we were treated to an amazing show of marine life. You can see a selection of images here.